What we did in 2021

We supported the presentation of successful discrepancies before the Electric Panel of Experts, which have represented a decrease of US$27.2 million for Ancillary Services payments.

What we did in 2021

2021 was a key year for the Association of Non-Regulated Electric Customers as a restructuring of the work team materialized, which included a series of actions:
  1. A change in the board of directors took place, which appointed a new executive director (Javier Bustos). ver noticia and a communications director (Daniela Maldonado) was appointed for the first time. ver noticia

  2. The corporate image was renewed in order to modernize it and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its formation. ver noticia

  3. The association added a new partner: Messer, one of the leading industrial and medical gases companies. ver noticia

  4. A free competition policy was drawn up to establish a framework for the actions of our association and its associates in this area.

  5. ACENOR joined the public-private initiative Energy+Women. The plan has 66 members, including companies, unions and institutions of the energy sector that work on concrete actions to increase the incorporation of more women in this productive field. In this context, Marcela Zulantay, in charge of Gender of the Ministry of Energy, gave a talk to the associates. ver noticia
In parallel to the structural change, ACENOR actively participated in the review of regulatory changes and in the monitoring of the efficient operation of the national electricity system and the charges to free customers. Among the main actions carried out by ACENOR A.G. in 2021 in this line are:
    • ACENOR participated in the Advisory Committee for the development of the Cybersecurity Technical Standard.ver más
    • Developed analysis and reports on issues relevant to clients, highlighting the monthly follow-up of Complementary Services charges. ver más
  • The Association organized two Webinars during 2021:
      1. Webinar on how to design flexible electricity markets. It was held in partnership with WEC Chile and the Faculty of Engineering of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.
    1. Webinar in partnership with AMCHAM: How to reduce energy costs in the productive sectors.ver noticia
  • It formed working groups related to the following topics:
        • - Ancillary Services
        • - Energy Efficiency
        • - Cybersecurity
        • - Open Access
        • - Electrical Installation Integrity Management Systems
    • During the year, extended partner meetings were held, as well as technical talks on topics such as the Technical Standard on Compensation for Unavailability of Supply, the implementation of Energy Management Systems and the review of the National Energy Efficiency Plan.
  • ACENOR participated in the most relevant events organized during the year:
    • - Javier Bustos, executive director of ACENOR A.G., spoke at the seminar "The challenges of Chilean electricity institutions", organized by the Chilean Committee of Cigre.ver noticia

    • - Francesca Milani participated in the Seminar "Electricity Transmission as an Enabler of the Energy Transition", organized by the Chilean Committee of Cigre.

    • - Javier Bustos participated in the online seminar "Norma Técnica GNL: Una conversación sin trincheras", organized by Valgesta, where the technical-economic and legal aspects of the regulations for the dispatch of plants based on this fuel were analyzed, especially with the figure of the so-called inflexible gas.

    • - Francesca Milani, chairwoman of the board of directors of ACENOR A.G., participated in the Webinar "Networks for the Energy Transition: Where are we?", organized by the EnergiE Group.ver noticia

    • - Francesca Milani spoke at the 10th BioBío Energía International Congress.ver noticia

    • - Javier Bustos participated in the Expo Energía face-to-face meeting, where he detailed the current situation of the cost of electricity and some of the improvements needed to achieve competitive supply prices.ver noticia
  • The balance sheet of the Asociación Gremial de Clientes Eléctricos no Regulados as of December 31, 2021 and 2020, and the corresponding Income Statements for the years ended on those dates have been audited by Avilés y Castro Auditores y Consultores Ltda. The final report was issued on April 5, 2022, which was accepted by the Accounts Review Committee of the Association.