Press and social media

We had more than 120 press appearances and in the last month of the year we increased by 30.1% the number of followers on LinkedIn and 42.9% the number of mentions on Twitter.

Press and social media

ACENOR actively participated in the public discussion of issues of interest to non-regulated clients through various publications in the press. During the second half of 2021, a strategic communication plan was activated, aimed at both internal and external communications, which included a series of actions to increase the visibility of the association.

Some of the issues raised by ACENOR are as follows:

  • ACENOR endorsed the power regulation presented by the Executive Branch. ver noticia

  • Javier Bustos detailed the monthly monitoring and analysis carried out by the association on ancillary services. ver noticia

  • The vision of the free clients was expressed regarding the awarding of the Kimal-Lo Aguirre transmission line. ver noticia

  • The executive director prepared an analysis on Why is the cost of energy rising in the South and what to do? ver noticia
ACENOR had 122 appearances in the press during 2021, highlighting the specialized media Revista Electricidad with 34 publications. Also noteworthy is the publication in El Mercurio where the association's vision on the transmission expansion plan is presented. The same media published ACENOR's vision on the exit of coal-fired power plants by 2025 and the power regulation. Two opinion columns written by Javier Bustos were also relevant, one on Ancillary Services published in Revista ELECTRICIDAD and the other on inflexible LNG published in Diario Financiero.

Social Media

ACENOR's Social Media, LinkedIn and Twitter, were created in 2021 and especially in the second half of the year increased not only in followers and publications, but also in participation.


The LinkedIn account ended 2021 with 461 followers. In the last month there was an increase of 30.1% in the number of members following ACENOR's page.


The Twitter account ended 2021 with 152 followers. In the last month of the year, mentions increased 42.9%.