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ACENOR highlights effects of exclusion for two months in the measurement of rush hour

The Association of Unregulated Energy Consumers (Acenor AG) highlighted the positive impact of the exclusion for two months (April and May) of the measurement of peak hours for the free customer sector, in the framework of the Covid pandemic -19 affecting Chile. Rubén Sánchez, executive director of the trade association, tells Electricidad that this reduction "brings a series of benefits to free customers," among which he mentions:

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The empowerment of free clients via ACENOR

The Association of Unregulated Energy Consumers A.G. raises paying attention to a series of new regulations on the electrical issue. In a state of unease, many of the large customers are free before the energy price reductions announced by Law 20,936, and which to date have not been complied with. On the contrary, in some cases the increases in regulated charges have reached more than 20% of the rates.

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Grandes clientes sufren fuerte alza en costo eléctrico por nuevo sistema tarifario

Large customers suffer a sharp rise in electricity costs due to the new tariff system: The socialization of this charge among all users of the system caused this increase, which in some cases involved tripling the payment for this concept. Several large electricity consumers, in different parts of the country, have faced a significant rise in their energy costs a few months ago, derived from the change in the system with which the charge for the use of transmission lines is applied, as a result of the legal reform promoted by former minister Máximo Pacheco.

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¿Y a mí quién podrá defenderme?

Considerando la continua transformación que está experimentando el sector eléctrico (nueva ley de transmisión y futura reforma a la ley de distribución), junto con el potencial aumento de la generación distribuida y la introducción de nuevas tecnologías, se enfrenta un escenario donde los consumidores chilenos debieran adoptar una postura más proactiva, tanto en la discusión regulatoria como en los cambios tecnológicos, los cuales afectarán directamente sus tarifas eléctricas y la calidad de su suministro. En la escena internacional, los consumidores frecuentemente cumplen un rol proactivo.

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