What is our purpose

What is our purpose

Letter from Francesca Milani Torres, Chairwoman of the Board, ACENOR A.G.

The mission of the Association of Non-Regulated Electric Customers (ACENOR A.G.) is to represent the interests of free customers in the energy sector, adding value to its members through permanent involvement in all those areas that have a direct impact on the conditions of electricity supply, one of the main inputs for the productive activities that we develop.

For some years now, different regulatory changes have modified the concept of acquiring electric energy, causing new costs to fall directly on free customers, costs that were previously managed and optimized by the generating companies, which are an intrinsic part of the energy business. This has forced us to change our approach to electricity supply, an indispensable input for the development of our activities, and we must allocate resources to monitor its correct operation, as well as to participate in the actions and decisions of the authority.

The context has also been increasingly challenging. In the coming years, we will have to navigate through an electricity system that will be caught between the tension of accelerating the insertion of clean energies and at the same time securing supply for people, industries, services and institutions. Decarbonization, international crises, logistical difficulties and the variable nature of renewable energies are just some of the elements we will have to live with on the near horizon. It is in this context in which we are building as ACENOR A.G. a path that will allow us to successfully navigate the challenges of the energy transition.

The electricity sector, its authorities and the agents that participate in it, must not forget in every action that is carried out that the ultimate goal of its development is none other than to offer energy to us, the customers, who must have access to cost-efficient, reliable and sustainable energy. It is for this reason that in 2020 we started with a work that resulted in the renewal of the board of directors, change of statutes and a new corporate governance; and that we continue during 2021, the year in which we celebrate 25 years as an Association.

We also carried out an organizational restructuring that gave rise to a series of actions that, without a doubt, have given ACENOR a new identity in accordance with the new needs of our clients in the context in which we live. In this way, we materialized the arrival of our Executive Director and our Director of Communications, we achieved a renewed corporate image and we carried out different studies presented to the authorities, accompanied by webinars and press releases in the media, making us one of the most active agents in the sector. We also started a follow-up of different costs that directly affect us, achieving important reductions in the costs that can be passed on to our clients through observations to criteria, methodologies and calculations in different processes, being a real contribution to our associates through the reduction of their payments related to the electricity supply.

Today we are a leading trade association in the representation of free customers in the energy sector, being a valuable contribution to the community for our informed opinion on issues of cross-cutting interest in the context of the energy transition we are experiencing, generating constructive relationships with other actors in the sector, with a team recognized for its technical and communication skills.

We will continue to work to place the customer at the center of the discussion on the development of the electricity sector, promoting the energy transition to clean energy in a cost-efficient and safe manner. We know that this is a great challenge. From ACENOR we are convinced that it is possible to achieve it, with the participation of everyone and always keeping in mind the end customer as the main actor of the energy sector and the engine of the development of our country.

Francesca Milani Torres

Francesca Milani Torres
Presidenta ACENOR A.G.