Antofagasta Minerals – Los Pelambres

Antofagasta Minerals, the main Chilean private mining group, is one of the ten largest copper producers in the world.
Grupo Minero is organized as a closed stock company and is a subsidiary of Antofagasta plc, which trades its shares on the London Stock Exchange and is listed on the FTSE 100 index. Control of Antofagasta plc belongs to the Luksic group , which owns 65% of its property.

Antofagasta Minerals is in charge of the operation of four mining companies: Minera Los Pelambres, Minera Centinela, Minera Antucoya and Minera Zaldívar. It also carries out exploration and project development activities, both in Chile and abroad.

Minera Los Pelambres' sites and facilities span more than 120 km, between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, along the Choapa province, Coquimbo region.

Products: copper concentrates (which also contain gold and silver) and molybdenum.

Connected Power 345 MW