Gestión ante Autoridades

We have made representations to various national authorities and have held more than 40 meetings.

Representation to the authorities

ACENOR made important representations to different national authorities where it had the opportunity to present relevant issues for non-regulated customers:
  • Prepared and supported the presentation of two discrepancies before the Electric Expert Panel, which resulted in a favorable outcome for non-regulated customers:
    1. Ruling on the application of the performance factor allowed a decrease of US$27.2 million for Ancillary Services payments in 2021. ver noticia

    2. The Expert Panel unanimously accepted the discrepancy presented by ACENOR in the 2020 transmission expansion plan. ver noticia
  • ACENOR's executive director, Javier Bustos, spoke at the Mining and Energy Committee of the Chamber of Deputies about the inflexible LNG Technical Standard. He also spoke at the Senate Mining and Energy Committee analyzing the bill that prohibits the installation and operation of coal-fired power plants by 2025. ver noticia
  • ACENOR was part of the Civil Society Council of the National Energy Commission and of the Chilean Committee of CIGRE, participating periodically in its meetings, including its year-end celebration.
  • ACENOR was part of the Round Table that discussed the power regulation promoted by the Ministry of Energy.
  • ACENOR participated in the Advisory Committee for the development of the Cybersecurity Technical Standard. ver noticia
  • The association partnered with the Chilean Association of Energy Marketers (ACEN) to launch a campaign called Let's Lower the Power Limit, an initiative that seeks to call on the authorities to promote the reduction of the connected power requirement for classification as a non-regulated customer. ver noticia
  • ACENOR was part of CIGRE Chile, participated in the periodic meetings and attended its year-end celebration.

  • The association partnered with ACEN who launched the campaign to lower the power limit.

  • Participation in the meeting of the Civil Society Council (COSOC) of the National Energy Commission (December 2021).