Cemento Polpaico

At Cemento Polpaico S.A. we are dedicated to the production and marketing of cement and lime.

We are constantly seeking to improve our products and services, to anticipate the requirements of our customers.

Our track record supports the concern we have for people and the environment. We adapt to changes and project into the future seeking leadership in the industry, generating value for the entire country.

We are proud to have been part of the most emblematic infrastructure works, such as the Santiago Metro, the National Congress, the Ralco Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Hyatt Hotel, the Telethon Building, the Justice Center of the Metropolitan Region and the urban highways , among other. At present, we find ourselves on a new path. We are building the company of the future, with the aim of leading the construction industry sustainably. We are focused on our clients to offer them products of excellence, a close, agile, fast and flexible service; we are walking hand in hand with the community and our workers, permanently strengthening our safety culture. Today, all together, we are building the future.

Connected Power 50 MW