Minera Caserones

SCM Minera Lumina Copper Chile (MLCC) is a company owned by the Japanese companies Pan Pacific Copper Co., Ltd. (77.37%) - in which JX Nippon Mining & Metals (66%) and Mitsui Mining & Smelting participate Co., Ltd. (34%) - and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (22.63%).

Caserones is a low grade deposit. Current sulphide ore reserves to feed the concentrator amount to 1,114 million tons with an average grade of 0.31% Cu and 135 ppm Molybdenum. The leachable mineral reserves (oxides and low-grade sulfides) reach 473 million tons with a soluble copper grade of 0.12%.
La operación considera una explotación a rajo abierto, con una planta concentradora para producir concentrados de cobre y molibdeno a partir de sulfuros primarios, y una planta de extracción por solvente y electro-obtención (SX-EW) para producir cátodos de cobre mediante el procesamiento de minerales oxidados, mixtos y sulfuros secundarios.

Official start of operation on July 30, 2014, with the official start of the sulfide production line. Other main milestones for Caserones are the environmental approval of the project (January 2010), the start of construction (April 2010), the first harvest of copper cathodes (March 14, 2013).

Product Portfolio: Copper concentrate, molybdenum concentrate, copper cathodes.

Geographic Location and Connected Power

MLCC is the owner of Caserones, a mining operation located in the Atacama Region, 162 kilometers southeast of the city of Copiapó, in the upper drawer of the valley of the Tierra Amarilla commune and at an average height of 4,300 meters above the level of the sea, in the Andes mountain range.

Connected Power 153 MW